How we came into being.

Have you researched a destination so damn well that you lost the appetite to visit it? Well, I have. Many times. I have visited nearly forty countries, but in reality I know the inside out of more than sixty.

It’s the worst that can happen. It’s like seeing the bride before the wedding and changing your mind (hence the superstition!).You invest so much time and energy, you pump up the balloon with so many dreams and hopes that it pops straight in your face. Then you feel disheartened, tired and confused. Is this really the best choice?

I have experienced this plenty of times when I used to have a regular job and an annual holiday I wanted to make the best of. I tried to anticipate, premeditate and perfect my trips to the very last details to avoid disappointments and bad surprises. But then, the whole experience was like re-reading a book; when, despite your keen interest in the subject, you lose the very element of surprise that made it so addictive in the first place.

At the fall of my third decade of life, after working hard at strategizing other people’s businesses, I set out on a premeditated unplanned trip around the world with my six year old. We had managed to save enough to cover the extra costs of last-minute decisions, spur-of-the-moment adventures or gastronomic extravagances. We were on a quest to see the world as it was, not as we expected it to be.

From $5 shacks to 5 star hotels, hole-in-the-wall eats to Michelin star treats, roaring rough seas of traffic wildlife to infinite calmness of mountain woods, and everything in between, we tried them all as they came our way. It was immersive and invigorating, bonding and enlightening. It was what we truly expected from a journey.

In the richness of the culture, nature and hospitality of this world, we discovered time and space and freedom. While we were sharing this extraordinary adventure on Maya in Wanderland, many followers reached out to us for ideas and advice. This is when a seed sprouted. Why not use our passion, experience and expertise to transport people into the realm of travel they envisage at the strike of a wand? Spare them of in-depth research, pondering, selecting and reviewing and deliver a pick-the-spot-and-enjoy-the-ride hell of an Xperience.

And so Boots and Roses was born…

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